Who We Are

KingTradingSystems.com comprised of a team of traders that have decades of experience trading stocks and options in a variety of market conditions and scenarios.

Our team is comprised of advisors that have been formally trained as financial analysts, have real world experience trading stocks and options and are backed by a team of researchers.

The experience of our team in addition to the invaluable investment insight that each of them has garnered over the years is what truly sets us apart from other trading services.

We strive to limit losses and in some cases have even been able to turn losing trades into profitable ones through our unique trading strategies.

Our philosophy is simple: to trade securities that have the highest probability of success. Our goal is to have the highest number of consistently profitable trades possible, while either minimizing losses or turning them into profitable trades through our unique trading strategies.
We are not trying to hit home runs.

We are trying to consistantly get on base and win the game over time.

It has been our experience that people who consitently try to beat the market big all at once, usually end up losing.

We have developed (and continue to improve) our trading systems to where we feel they often provide consistant profits. Some people say that it's often so consistent that it's similar to that of receiving an extra paycheck.

As our premium trading alert service offers on average 2 trades per week, making it perfect for busy professionals who still want to trade the market.

Our Services

Currently we offer a premium options trading alert service where our subscribers are sent weekly trade alerts via email.

In addition to providing the best options trading alert service, our team constantly monitors each position to advise our subscribers if there is an adjustment to be made.

Our alerts are laid out in a simple, easy to follow format where our subscribers can easily either enter the trade themselves or read the instructions to their broker to have them place the trade or make the adjustment on their behalf.

We also provide our rationale for any trade or trade adjustment so that our subscribers can learn as they trade.

There is no need to spend hours learning how to trade, or reading charts - we give you exactly what you need to begin trading right away.

Why Trade Options?

While we do trade stocks as well, we like to focus primarily on trading options for a number of reasons.

They Offer Defined Risk
Each option trade that we place has a limited amount of potential loss.

This means, that unlike stocks (which can crash and go to zero) you know with your option trades exactly what your maximum loss might be.

We Can Make Money in Any Market
Trading options allows us the opportunity to make money whether the market or security goes up in value, down in value, stays the same or does all 3 over the course of time that we have a trade on.

With stocks, you can only make money if the stock rises or falls (depending if you are long or short, respectively). Options allow us to turn a profit even if nothing happens.

As with any trading situation, there can be some potential drawbacks - especially for those who are new to trading options.

In fact, most new options traders just plain lose money until they either figure out a system that works or quit altogether.

Which is why our years of experience and battle-tested service provides so much value to our subscribers.

By using our service, they are essentially able to delegate the countless hours of research and costly testing to us and leverage our experience and trading systems to help maximize their chances for success.

Sure, there are risks involved, but by using our service you dramatically reduce your chances of failing.

If you are ready to get started and sign up for our premium option trading alert service, please read our legal disclaimer, read our FAQ's and then sign up here.

We wish you success in all your trading endeavors,

Samuel Goldman