Can I Make Money In a Falling Market?

The simple answer is - Yes.

In fact, our strategies allow you to make money if the stock market goes up, down or even if it stays the same.

How Do You Keep Losses (If Any to a Minimum)?

When you trade securities the simple fact is that there will occasionally be some losses. It's just part of trading.

But we believe how losses are managed and reduced is one of the most important keys to a great trading strategy.

And with this in mind, we have developed a number of different strategies that help us not only limit losses, but in some cases turn losing trades into winners.

How Much Money Can I Make Using Your Trading Alerts?

It really depends on how much capital you have and what you are willing to invest on any particular trade.

We aren't trying to hit home runs on our trades - our goal is to consistenly get on base.

Our focus is on generating consistently profitable trades with a lower risk level, centered on using techniques and metrics that offer a high probability of success.

Will you become a billionaire using our trading alerts? Probably not.

But many people are able to replace their current income or add an extra stream of revenue to their lives using these systems.

Do I Need Any Trading Experience?

When you sign up for our premium alert service no experience is required. Our instructions and actions for each trade are extremely easy to follow and implement. In fact, you can even read them to your broker over the phone if you would rather. A basic understanding of how to open and close stocks and option trades within your account is required and your broker (or online brokerage account) can help you with that.

We do not provide individual advice on how to place and execute trades as each trading platform is different.

How Much Should I Have to Invest to Use Your Alerts?

As with any investment, we recommend only trading a portion of the available funds you have using our trading alerts for diversification purposes.

And while our trading system has an extremely high probability of success and your risk is defined, it is wise not to put all your eggs in one basket.

That being said, some brokers or brokerage accounts require that you have a minimum balance in order to trade options like iron condors.

And example would be that Questrade requires an account to have at least $5000 in the account in order to make these sort of trades and it can vary from broker to broker. Please consult your broker or brokerage account to see if they have a minimum requirement.

Do I Need Leave My Current Advisor or Broker?

No, you can stay with your current broker.

What Online Brokers Do You Recommend Working With?

We recommend using one of the following brokers:
  • Questrade - Our number one choice as a broker. It has competitive rates and allows you to trade options with a relatively low account balance. Perfect for people getting started. Click on the link to open a free account.

  • TD Ameritrade - A good broker that has been around for quite some time. They offer the popular think or swim trading platform.

  • Interactive Brokers - A good broker that offers international accounts. They require quite a bit more money in an investment account before allowing you to trade options.

Do You Offer Additional Investment Services?

At this point, we do not offer specific individual investing advice.

Currently we offer our premium trading alert service that focusses primarily on trading options with a heavy concentration of Iron Condors trades.

In addition to that, we are currently fine-tuning our trading systems to where we will offer other advanced options trading and penny stock trading services.

Will My Subscription Rates Ever Increase?

No they won't. Once you have subscribed your rate will never increase - even if we add additional trading strategies and alerts to our service as we plan to.

You can unsubscribe at any time, but if you decide to subscribe again you will have to do so at whatever the current rate is.

Do You Use Any Charting Software?

Yes, we use certain charting software in order to narrow down possible trade candidates from thousands of stocks using our own custom parameters.

If you would like to see the software we use, you can click here.