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It doesn’t matter what market you’re trying to trade, whether it’s stocks, bonds, crypto, forex or if you’re trading with leverage through options… all markets work the same way.

So if you’re able to spot an asset on a chart that’s ready to breakout, you can trade in multiple markets.

And that’s what all of our products are designed to do – increase your trading ability so you can make money.

Regardless of the market you’re trading in.

With that in mind, here is our list of trading products designed to help you grow and develop into a professional trader.

We have combined all of our resources into one product offering that includes ALL of our trading products, called “The Legacy Bundle: The Stock & Options Trading Education Bundle.”

Learning from the mistakes & hard-won wisdom of more experienced traders puts you in a position of not having to make the same mistakes.

Essentially, it’s a quick hack to jump ahead to making profit rather than trying to learn it all on your own.

This encompasses all of the tips & tricks that we’ve learned in over 20 years of trading the markets & we’ve put it all together in The Legacy Bundle so you can learn & benefit from it.

The Legacy Bundle encompasses 3 different categories of trainings (all of which are listed below):

* Specific Strategies: designed to give you specific, actionable action steps

* Technical Analysis & Chart Set Ups: we’ve put these resources together to show you exactly what to look for when looking at a stock’s chart

* Bonuses: we’ve gone a step further and added even more value to the bundle with some exclusive bonuses

So for one low price, you get access to all of the products & resources listed below.

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Specific Strategies

How to Make Big Money Fast Trading Options

This ebook gives a thorough, yet simple overview of options trading. It even gives specific details about a trade that we placed that produced over $1,140.10 overnight.

Regular Price $15.99

[VIDEO TRAINING ] What I Wish I Knew Before Trading Options

This is a collection of essential tips & techniques that EVERY options trader should know before they place another options trade.

In the video training, you’ll learn:

  • When you should buy options vs when you should sell them
  • A simple measurement to show you if an option is a good candidate to sell
  • What expiration date you should choose for buying or selling options
  • How to find the strike price with the best odds of success

It’s little tips & techniques like these that can make a HUGE difference in your trading success.

Value: $89

[VIDEO TRAINING ] The Perfect Options Strategy

This is one of the easiest ways that you can collect money just for placing a trade.

It works incredibly well – even if you have a small account and is perfect for beginners.

It’s almost a “no-lose” trade set up that can add to your monthly returns.

A must have tactic for any options trader.

Value: $89

[VIDEO TRAINING ] Small Account Growth Tactics

Got a small trading account? No problem!

In this training, we outline exactly what strategy you can use to grow a small account with a low amount of risk.

In fact, we show a real example of how a small account can make $300 per month without much effort at all!

Don’t sleep on this one, as it’s a great way to add to your account with very little effort.

Value $89

How to Spot Stocks Before They Skyrocket

This is one of the most simple – yet devastatingly effective – tricks on how to discover if a stock’s about to break out or not.

Thankfully, you don’t need any fancy tools or a lot of time – it can be done in a few minutes using freely available tools online.

You’ll love this quick technique.

Value: $79

The Clockwork Trading System

An advanced options trading strategy that can produce really consistent income once mastered – similar to writing and scheduling your own paycheck. It is a great strategy to use when markets are “range bound” or only fluctuates in price a little bit.

This strategy is delivered with a complete ebook dossier and two training videos to explain and show the entire set up.

Regular Price $79

How to Make Money Trading Collars

This manual gives you a quick overview on trading options using collars. But more importantly, it explains when you should and exactly why you’d want to.

Value: $9

Never Lose at Trading Stocks Ever Again

Are you worried that the stock market’s about to crash? Or do you have a favorite stock that you’d like to protect your gains on?

If so, this simple little trick is like buying insurance against a sell off.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to set it up. Once you see the specifics of how it’s done.

Value: $15

How to Manage Market Uncertainty Like a Pro

Whether you’re new to trading or a seasoned pro, the biggest reason why people lose money when trading is because of their mindset.

In this manual, we explore how you can develop a “bullet proof” mindset to ensure maximum trading success and so that you’re fit to ride the ups and downs of the market.

Value: $19

Technical Analysis and Chart Set Ups


[VIDEO COURSE] Our 6 most profitable trade set ups & how to spot them.

I’ve had our team go back over 20 years of trading to find the chart patterns that have given us the best results so that you can copy our success. We even give you the exact percentage that these patters turned out to be correct for us.

You can’t get this kind of insight without YEARS of trading experience…unless you get this course.

Value $99


Bullish Charting – Profiting from Simple Positive Chart Set Ups

This ebook details how to quickly find & identify the most reliable patterns that indicate that a stock is likely to explode higher in value.

Value: $15.00

Bearish Charting – Profiting from Simple Negative Chart Set Ups

This ebook details how to quickly find & identify the most reliable patterns that indicate that a stock is likely to drop in value.

Value: $15.00


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Value: $50

Animated Charting Patterns: We reveal a source that illustrates exactly how a stock will move when following some of the most common chart patterns.

Value: $10

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