Penny Stock Alerts That Work for 2023

Penny Stock Alerts
Last Updated: July 10, 2024

So - you wanna trade penny stocks, eh? You want the rush of grabbing the tiger by the tail and going on a meteoric ride to quick riches?


Then penny stocks might be perfect for you.

Might be.

You've heard all the warnings before - penny stocks are manipulated by people just looking to pump and dump them, you can lose it all, and so on.

But it just goes with the territory - if you want the chance of a huge, explosive return in a short amount of time, there are going to be huge, explosive chances of losing it all as well.

And if you don't like that - get a GIC and be safe.

But if you're going to do this, then you need to do it right.

And doing it right involves at the bare minimum trading alongside a veteran trader for a bit. At least until you've learned the ropes and feel a bit more confident.

Especially if you're a new trader.

Some people are too cheap to sign up for the best penny stock alerts, and they just go for free penny stock alerts.

And they get burned and lose a tonne of money in the process.

You've got to learn this game before you can play, and one of the fastest ways you can learn is to trade alongside someone who has a good track record and is a veteran trader.

If you're ready, you can check out the only person I'd ever feel comfortable recommending as a penny stock alerts advisor here.

The Whole Free Penny Stock Alerts Thing

Free Penny Stock Alerts
Let's address the elephant in the room, shall we?

Free Penny Stock Alerts. Really?

Free trials before you sign up for an alerts service is one thing, but if you're hunting Twitter or trolling chat rooms trying to find a hot stock tip you'll find yourself on the losing end of those trades more often than not.

And losing money is one thing, but if you're just placing trades on the basis of a tip, you'll never get the rationale behind why someone is even suggesting the trade.

That's why it's important to follow along someone else who's able to explain why they are placing the trade and the rationale behind it.

And understand what I'm saying - if you're taking the plunge and are signing up for a service and get some free trial alerts that's fine.

I'm against the free alerts because penny stocks move so fast and if you're late getting into a position you're already setting yourself up to fail. And that's if the alert was even a good one to start.

Free penny stock alerts just make you a lot more succeptible to a pump and dump - where everyone else buys the stock before you know about it then dump it and make their profit after you buy.

The Best Penny Stock Alerts You Can Get

Best Penny Stock Alerts
The best penny stock alerts you can get are those from someone who has a good track record and who has experience trading penny stocks themselves.

And this is important because penny stocks are not like trading other stocks or securities - it's a whole different way of trading, researching and executing your trades.

Typically what happens is that companies pay promoters to email, advertise and push their particular company's stock.

And if they do a good enough job, the stock goes up.

The problem is that all of the insiders know that there isn't anything real or tangible causing the stock to rise other than temporary demand.

There isn't usually much news of value or any new developments that would justify such a drastic move.

Then once the promoters stop their promotion, the stock craters and goes back down to where it was before or in some case even lower.

And without another big injection of promotion, most of these companies will never see their stock increase again.

The people who advertise and who own the stock know this and they know how long the promotion will last, so once the last promotion is run, they sell their stocks and make a profit, leaving everyone else who came in late to lose money.

So it can be a pretty greasy racket.

I can almost hear you saying, "But that's insider trading!!!"

And yes, it is.

But these people are often sophisticated enough to get around this. Whether that is by trading offshore, living in a country where they can't get prosecuted, buying the stock early enough that it doesn't look fishy - they often know the game and how to play it.

And if you are able to spend the time and research exactly how this whole game works, you can make money at it too.

Some people even go so far as to short these stocks once they've been promoted in order to make money as they go down - but it takes a significant level of discipline, trading ability, and finances to be able to short stocks like these.

Your broker may have some extra requirements before you will be allowed to place short trades in your account.

So that is something you may have to look into if you're planning on going this route.

Final Thoughts on Penny Stock Alerts Service

So when it comes to hunting around for free alerts - just don't.

You'll end up on the losing end.

I suggest trading alongside an experienced trader in this area.

And the best one in my opinion is this guy here.

If you're unsure about a service, many of them offer a free trial of their service and you should go for it.

The worst thing you can do if you're starting out is try to navigate it on your own.