Stock and Option Alert Service Information

We have been working hard to provide the best stock alert service & option alert service available.

We've found that there are a lot of stock alert services and some option alert service but most of them don't come as a package - they want you to upgrade or pay for each service individually.

But we didn't want to do that. We wanted to make it simple - one sign up, one price and great trade ideas.

To subscribe to our premium trading alert service, you must read our legal disclaimer and our FAQ's first.

We invite you to join our premium stock and options trading alert service.

Swing Trade Alerts - Our Focus

Our service is focussed on swing trading as opposed to day trading as it fits our particular systems and style of trading better.

We've found over the years that this style of trading is much easier for people learn and profit from and it removes the need for everyone to be at their computers trading every second of every day.

It also allows a lot more time for traders using our option trade alerts or stock trade alerts time to actually get set up and evaluate the position, rather than having to scrabmle to enter a trade, like if they were trying to input day trading signals.

In most cases the trades and adjustments can be done in a few minutes a couple times per week, so many of those using our service can still live their current lives as they do without much interruption.

In our trading alerts we generally trade the following:

Momentum Stocks - Through our research and trading filters we give generally give you a stock or two per week that we feel is poised for a break out. The nice thing with these stocks is that you can trade the stocks themselves but in a lot of cases, you can also trade options on them as well.

Our Option Signals & Option Alert Services

We trade a number of different option strategies from Iron Condors to writing puts to collect income. Our service makes it really easy for you to enter trades and should any position need adjusting we will send out an alert with the recommended course of action.

Global Macro Plays - Our macro trade alerts are aimed at targeting large trends that look to be appearing on the global market. These trades have a longer time horizon (generally 3-6 months).

While we don't give specific investment advice to our members, we give easy to follow instructions that can be communicated to their brokers if necessary so entering and exiting trades can be done with ease.

Some have even said that trading using our service is like getting an extra paycheque.

We want to help as many people learn how to trade as profitably as possible through our books and this alert service, but we have to limit the number of people using our service in order to best serve our existing customer base.

Our stock and options trading service can now be found at The Empirical Collective.